Southwest California SKYWARN is an all volunteer organization that supports the National Weather Service Forecast Office in San Diego, California. It's service region covers the following Areas: San Diego, Orange, Western Riverside and Southwest San Bernardino Counties.

Southwest California SKYWARN is a separate entity from and operates at the request of the National Weather Service, and in no way represents the National Weather Service, its staff, products or services.

Our regional Skywarn is broken into the 4 local areas mentioned above. Each area is administered by a local coordinator. Within each of these areas, ham radio nets are established when that area's Skywarn is activated by the National Weather Service. Each of these ham radio nets use different repeaters and/or simplex frequencies outlined below. There are roll call nets that take place weekly, again found below.

San Diego County:
ECRA Palomar repeater 147.030(+)103.5 Primary <-- changing soon!
San Diego County RACES 147.195(+)114.8 Secondary (Use only when Primary repeater isn't reachable!)
The ERCA Palomar repeater is down until further notice. San Diego County Skywarn will use an alternate repeater in the meantime.
The alternate repeater for now is N6VCC, 146.235,+,146.2. Note there is NO courtesy beep, nor is there a noticeable squelch tail. So merely keying it up and listening for a beep and/or a squelch tail won't tell you if you're getting into the repeater or not. You'll have to resort to asking for an old-fashioned radio check.

N6VCC Palomar repeater 146.235(+)146.2 Primary

Roll call net Tuesdays at 7:00PM on 146.235(+)146.2.

San Bernardino County:
PRIMARY REPEATER: 145.120(-)131.8 (Heaps Pk.)
For Skywarn activations, also Table Mtn repeater: 145.280(-)131.8.

Roll call net Wednesdays 7:00PM on 145.120(-)131.8. (Heaps Pk.)

Riverside County:
Pine Cove repeater (WEST): 449.280(-)123.0
Santa Rosa repeater (EAST) 145.340(-)107.2

Riverside West: Roll call net 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00PM. Riverside East: Roll call net 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30PM.

Orange County:
448.040(-)136.5 Primary Tactical Repeater
More Orange County Skywarn frequencies here soon!

Roll call net Tuesdays at 7:30PM on 448.040(-)136.5.


Southwest California Skywarn was activated for San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties a number of times in 2018 and previous years for summer monsoon weather activity and winter storms. A number of weather reports were filed via ham radio. In the future, highlights from such reports will appear on this website.

Southwest California Skywarn participated in Field Day 2014 using the callsign WX6SGX. We have submitted a Field Day log to the ARRL and are claiming 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 312 points in category 1D.

Steve Smith, WB6TWL has recently handed over the task of updating this website to Jim Campbell, WB6ZPB. Steve has been single-handedly maintaining this website and all it's features since before time began, but has become too busy with real life to continue doing so. So Jim will step in for now, and will attempt to add features from time to time that hopefully are of some value.

SWSkywarn has recently updated some staff positions, like Tom Smerk as our new Public Information Officer and Steve Stipp as Assistant San Diego County Coordinator.




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