Southwest California SKYWARN Contacts

Please restrict to SKYWARN business only!



Alex Tardy

Warning Coordination Meteorologist

National Weather Service, San Diego Office

alexander.tardy (at)


Region Coordinator

Eric Hutchins, K7ELH

sdskywarn (at)

Asst. Region Coordinator

Jim Courter, K6MHY

k6mhy (at)

Public Information Officer

Tom Smerk, AA6TS

aa6ts (at)

Communications Coordinator

Jerry Kostro, AK6QJ

ak6qj-radioguy (at)

Asst. Communications Coordinator

(Radio Station Operations)

Laura Quarantiello, KI6AOK

lauraq (at)


Asst. Communications Coordinator

(Technical Operations)

Position Vacant


San Diego County Coordinator

Jim Campbell , WB6ZPB

wb6zpb (at)

San Diego County Asst. Coordinator

Steve Stipp, KK6AHB

smcdstipp (at)

San Diego County Net Control Operators Coordinator

Laura Quarantiello, KI6AOK

lauraq (at)


Riverside County Coordinator

Ed Sherman, K6UYL

edsherman (at)


Riverside County Asst. Coordinator

Maureen Hiemstra, K6BSC

k6bsc (at)


San Bernardino County Coordinator

Phill Dupree, KG6ZHW

phill_dupree (at)

San Bernardino County Asst. Coordinator

Nikki Metzger, KJ6BBJ

ecswxasst (at)

San Bernardino County Asst. Coordinator

Kathy Arch, KJ6MVU

kj6mvu (at)


Orange County Coordinator

Scott O'Donnell, WX6STO

kg6ijc (at)

Orange County Asst. Coordinator

Manny Vizinho

mvizinho (at)

Orange County Asst. Coordinator

Michael McLaughlin, KJ6EQ

memclaughlin12 (at)



National Weather Service San Diego Office

(Monitored during activations ONLY!)

sgx.skywarn (at)


National Weather Service

San Diego Weather Forecast Office

11440 W. Bernardo Ct., Suite 230

San Diego, CA 92127




Jim Campbell, WB6ZPB

wb6zpb (at)




















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