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Southwest CA SKYWARN is not a "Storm Chasing" organization, although many Skywarn members, both local and nationwide, may chase storms on their own time. Southwest CA SKYWARN does not condone nor encourage these activities.

What Southwest CA SKYWARN does is assist the NWS Forecast Office in San Diego by providing "ground truth" weather spotter information when requested by the NWS. The safety of all Skywarn spotters is a high priority!

Skywarn spotters are civilian volunteers trained in weather spotting and communicating those findings in a timely manner using the established communications routes. For a more detailed description, please follow this link.

At our website, you will find information regarding Skywarn in general and Southwest CA SKYWARN in particular. You will also find links to non-NWS and non-Skywarn sites for your reference.

Not a SKYWARN member? Just follow this link to sign up and become a Skywarn spotter.

Feel free to look at the different areas of our website and if you have any questions regarding Southwest CA SKYWARN, please go to the CONTACTS page for further help.

The information provided on our website or linked to on other websites, is for informational and educational purposes only and you use it at your own risk. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions and safety.

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