ARRL Field Day 2013

SW CA Skywarn is participating in this year's ARRL Field Day! We will be joining forces with Valley Center Fire Protection District CERT to operate 2 HF stations and 1 VHF station. We will likely be using the "2F" designator, but might wind up going with "2A". This operation will be for training purposes, and we won't be concerned too much with points - it's not a contest scenario this time. The callsign will be WX6SGX.

When: 11AM June 22 - 10:59:59.999AM June 23.

Location: 28234 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA. This is fire Station # 72, near the intersection with Valley Center Road.

Thing is, we have to park next door at the Community Hall, which is just to the west, at 28246 Lilac Road. It's maybe a 90 seconds walk from that parking lot to the Field Day station next door at the Fire Station. The parking at the Fire Station is limited, and they need it for their staff. Disabled parking IS available at the Fire Station.

SW CA Skywarn hopes to move the Field Day station to each of the 4 counties in the San Diego NWS office's CWA, such that each county operates the Field Day station in their county every 4 years. We'll leave the arrangements to the Area Coordinator for that county and whomever they delegate.

We look forward to seeing you! Jim - wb6zpb at yahoo dot com

New Website Guru

Hello All,

The time has come to turn the reins of the SWSKYWARN website over to Jim Campbell. Jim and I have talked about this for a few months and with me being yanked in several directions, I feel that I can't manage the website to the level that is required. I created the website quite a few years ago and with the guidance of Jim Campbell and Michael Khuat, I was able to change it into something that (for the most part) has allowed the San Diego Office and Southwest Skywarn to interact more effectively. However, I feel that a fresh perspective is needed to forge the website into a better tool for the organizations. Jim has that fresh perspective. Jim is capable, knowledgeable and willing to take it over. He has many great ideas and I know that he will continue to form the website into a more valuable tool. I've enjoyed being the webmaster and I know that Jim will be a great web guru. Please help him out. I will still be involved in SKYWARN, mostly as a spotter. For many years, I headed the organization and it was hard work, but satisfying. But, now I want to spend more time in the field as a spotter where I can actually see the weather. We now have a great team and SKYWARN can only improve with the present crew. Thank you all for your support and understanding during my tenure and please give Jim Campbell your full support. Steve Smith


Tom Smerk, AA6TS, is now our Public Information Officer.

Welcome aboard, Tom!