New requirement for potential SKYWARN members.

NWS has instituted new training requirements for potential SW CA SKYWARN members. This change is for new and prospective members. The NWS feels that in order to better serve it's needs, better SKYWARN Spotter training is in order. So here are the details:

NWS has adjusted a new online training system. Those who take the skywarn training will not be able to simply indicate Skywarn in order to be a member. They must take the Skywarn training first.

It will come in the form of a CD that will be mailed to the candidate. They will view the slideshow then take an online test. Then, and only then, will the NWS get the notification of their Skywarn status once they pass the test and sign up again for Skywarn.

It will take a little more time for all this to happen. As of Mar. 1, the new system is running. Here are the links:

Weather Spotter training

SKYWARN Spotter Training Request

I will be finding out if it is possible for current SKYWARN Spotter to obtain the training CD and it will be posted it on the website.


What to Report!

In order to better serve the NWS in our mission, ALL spotters should follow certaine giudelines in reporting severe weather to the NWS either directly or via SKYWARN nets. These giudelines can be found at:



National Weather Service San Diego Forecast Office

11440 W. Bernardo Court, Suite 230

San Diego, CA 92127

Tel: (858) 675-8700